SEPTEMBER 02 – 08, 2018





  • 2ND - 8TH OF SEPTEMBER 2018

Three countries, two runners, one week – the dream!


The registration for the GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run 2018 is open.

Check here for the new GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run RUN2.

The GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run, one of the toughest and at the same time most spectacular trailrun events in the world, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014.

The race, comprising seven stages lasting from 2nd to 8th of September 2018, will start on the eastern route in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. From there the more than 300 teams will take on one of the last great adventures, crossing the Alps on foot, via Austria (stops in Nassereith, Imst, Pitztal and Sölden) and Italy. The route continues from St. Leonhard to the penultimate stop Sarnthein, before on the final day the runners  cross the finish line in the city of Brixen, South Tyrol.

Since its first performance in 2005 the run developed rapidly into one of the most significant stage runs for teams worldwide, what is reflected in the top-class starter field as well as the strong media response. Teams from more than 40 nations provide yearly international atmosphere during the stages.

Jürgen Kurapkat/Public Relations GORE BIKE WEAR® & GORE RUNNING WEAR®

„Prior to the GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run trail-running used to be a pastime for runners looking for exotic getaways. You associated cross events, extreme ultra races or very steep hill sprints with the activity and the image that comes to mind are sweat-dripping athletes bent forward with their hands pushing on their thighs and glance trance-fixed on the trail straight ahead of them. But trail-running has evolved into more than that: small adventures out in the woods, up in the mountains with lots of ups- and downs – on the trail as much as in one’s mind. Every run taken off-the-beaten path is an exploratory experience in its own way and that’s how we perceive the GORE-TEX Transalpine-Run. We’ll be part of it again -as participating racers as well as sponsors.”

Jürgen Kurapkat/Public Relations GORE BIKE WEAR® & GORE RUNNING WEAR®